Who We Are?

Pirimo was founded in 2020 as a London-based company at the nexus of people, content and systems to fulfill its clients’ branding, communications, reputation and representation management needs to make good stories great.

We strive to help and understand our clients’ market value, define their brand, design their professional journey, get them market-ready and support their ongoing personal and professional development, uncover and reflect their distinctive professional value.

Pirimo taps an unequaled internal and external ecosystem of experts, networks, platforms and industry intelligence in the marketing and communications, public relations and reputation management fields to ensure clients achieve their goals.

Our network is key to assuring each client global access and insight into every facet of their career.

Our team includes account directors, branding & profiling specialists, campaign directors, career managers, coaches and counselors, content writers and editors, graphic designers, marketing & communications experts, representation agents, reputation architects and strategists, researchers at the top of their game and up-to-date with what is necessary to reach maximum advantage in the marketplace.

Our clients are award winners, celebrities, champions, entrepreneurs, executives, icons, leaders, professionals, recognized experts and visionaries.

Our company and its culture have been shaped by certain values and a vision of the future that we carry with us throughout life.

We wholeheartedly believe in our core values of authenticity, continuity, integrity and transcendency. We encourage our clients and suppliers as well as our employees to adopt these values.

We adopt integrity as the linchpin of our perspective while we embrace authenticity, continuity and transcendency as the core values of our business.

We believe that seeking and maintaining authenticity is core to our effort to adhere to the principles that make us who we are. Continuity ensures that our vision and commitment remain true and in focus. We consider transcendency our ultimate driver. It represents a genuine willingness to stand above our clients needs and seek greater excellence. But these values, are only worthwhile and meaningful with an equal dedication to business integrity and the willingness to stand by our word, regardless of possible consequences. Integrity, by its very nature must be non-negotiable.

We are on a constant mission to enrich the human experience by redefining the values while advocating and promoting the best for the most. We firmly believe that this lies in raising human consciousness and self-awareness. Emancipation will be the key to embracing this potential.

We have a vision for a borderless and awakened world. A world where divisive politics, corporate greed, damaging rules and rotten values have finally disappeared in the face of humanity's limitless potential for growth and co-creation.

Our vision is to be the principal marketing & communications, public relations and reputation management agency of our clients.

We have reached certain milestones securing a healthy and sustainable balance that epitomizes our vision. We obtain personal and professional fulfillment by helping people and teams tap into their inner excellence, overcoming their barriers to create values, transcendent solutions and longevity.