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Getting your resume ready is about more than simply updating your most recent position and experience – it is about presenting yourself so that you stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace. How you present yourself makes an impact on how others perceive you.

  • Are you looking to pivot your career but need to fine-tune your options?
  • Do you feel your current role is unfulfilling and better opportunities exist for you?
  • Are you ready to compete for an executive-level promotion in today’s environment?
  • If an executive recruiter contacts you with an incredible opportunity, do you have a professional and up-to-date resume ready?
  • Are you prepared to hit the ground running if your job were to disappear tomorrow?

We have designed dynamic tools to assist professionals and entrepreneurs at every level in preparing an effective executive resume and achieving their objectives.

We’ll sharpen your career trajectory, creating a superior executive resume and providing you with the clear evidence you need to negotiate an incredible offer.

Introducing the Pirimo Executive Resume

Pirimo Executive Resume is a bespoke service featuring a professional team of editors, writers, designers, and consultants who work together to build a resume customized to the specific demands of your position and profession, providing an edge over your competition.

What is included in Executive Resume Pack?

In addition to your bespoke resume, you will gain access to a substantial discount on your future Pirimo Executive Resume updates and a special one-time discount on your next purchase.

Why choose the Pirimo Executive Resume?

We’ll create an eye-catching, easy-to-read, and memorable profile based on your experience, achievements, mission, vision, and values—designed to appeal directly to your targeted audiences and give you an edge over your competitors.

  • Designed as an integral part of your value proposition and online/offline profile.
  • Built around your SWOT analysis, strategic keywords & phrases, skill set and search engine optimization dynamics.
  • Created to cover your mission, vision and values for a targeted audience, specific markets and channels.
  • We use ingenious techniques, powerful content and effective expression and communication strategies to ensure impactful outreach.
  • Enhanced headline with your titles, tagline and brand statement.
  • An attractive and effective Executive Summary (including a concise value proposition) that epitomizes your entire profile within a 1-minute read.
  • A specially crafted career highlights section to answer the “Why Me?” question in 30 seconds.
  • Professionally designed < 50-word job descriptions to describe the role and responsibilities effectively.
  • Action-oriented achievements are designed to answer why, what, and how questions in measurable and comparable forms.
  • Highlighted sidebars to emphasize accomplishments in reader-friendly snapshots.
  • Separately crafted front/back covers, copyright, privacy statement and interactive contact section (subject to additional charge).
  • Proofread by top experts.
  • Available in chronological, reverse-chronological, functional, hybrid and bespoke formats.
  • Designed using a choice of templates or bespoke in line with your color palette or style guide (subject to additional charge).
  • Digital copies are designed in MS Word, MS PowerPoint or PDF forms.
  • Offers a variety of typography options to select from (special fonts are subject to additional charge).
  • Crafted with standout icons for each section.
  • Embedded digital properties and hyperlinks.
  • Optimized for digital distribution and encrypted with AES standards.
  • Downloadable with a standard or custom-designed QR code (subject to additional charge).
  • Variety of paper options for printed forms (subject to additional charge).
  • Professionally and separately designed print copies come in booklet form in different print sizes (A4, A5, US Letter) with a special binding option (subject to additional charge).

The most advanced self-investment tool to ensure your career progression

Our proven system is supported by a professional team that draws from our experiences as hiring executives, executive recruiters, career strategists, marketing and communication professionals, top-tier resume writers and designers. We know first-hand how profiling, branding and hiring work, providing executives with the inside track and helping them lead their careers to the next level.

Dedicated team and ongoing support

Throughout the bespoke development process, your client relationship executive will serve as your point of contact and orchestrate the entire team working on your resume, ensuring your profile is exactly what you need it to be.

Great for value

We have the best-fit options at every budget level and you always know what you pay upfront.

How it works

Invest in the bespoke solution and benefit from a team of experts offering tailored solutions in five steps, giving you a competitive advantage and allowing you to work with the world’s best.

- Placing the order:

After mutually signing the confidentiality agreement, we start collecting the information necessary to create the ideal bespoke solution for you.
We conduct our examinations in the light of the information and documents we collect and hold our first synchronization meeting together over Microsoft Teams or, sometimes, face-to-face in our London office.
Adding new features to your order or requesting an express delivery is easy. We simply update our proposal accordingly, confirming its content and delivery time. 
If you change your mind during the ordering stage for bespoke products, we cancel your order without asking any questions or seeking any preconditions and return your full payment to the same payment instrument. In the later stages of the project, we offer a "money-back" guarantee by scaling the same approach according to the project's completion rate.

- Creation and development:

As soon as your bespoke order is approved, we will assemble the team and designate system assignments for your project. First, we determine your project manager and your project's creative and developer team. In order for us to follow your project live and interactively, we set up the project management panel on the Microsoft Planner platform and make all the necessary system definitions and installations. We share all kinds of developments, information and documents related to the project through this platform.
We introduce you to your project team and system with a kickoff meeting over Microsoft Teams.
Bespoke solutions are always designed to be a component of a whole/brand, whether it is a single product or a set of dozens of products. For this reason, before starting the production of each solution, we determine the solution's target market, the channels it will appeal to and the competing parties, and we conduct audience analyses. After the analyses and evaluations, we form the basis of the strategy, and we present the solution’s strategic orientation plan.
After determining the scope of the content, we start producing the solutions. First, we create the content with our developers, creative writers and editors, and then our graphic designers complete the visual design of your solution.
We prepare digital and sometimes physical copies of the solutions and send them to you for approval. We constantly and strategically iterate to develop our solutions until you are satisfied.

- Meeting with the solution:

We meet either over Microsoft Teams or in our London office and we present the solution and deliver digital and sometimes physical copies of the produced solutions to you.

- Keep in touch:

We value your feedback and reviews, which enable us to develop our skills and capabilities and improve our service level quality. No matter if you are a one-time client or a member of our privileged community, your account director and our CRM team will continue to stay in touch with you, your brand and your professional journey for a better future.

- Everlasting support:

Our solutions are also living assets; we attach great importance to them always being renewable and updatable depending on the development of time and technology. We emphasize the life of each created part, ensuring longevity, and we support each solution until the last moment of its life.




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